Considering the fund and asset management rising activity within the Parisian office, partners of Akeance Consulting, an independent consulting firm,  have decided to open, at the beginning of 2015, a new office in Luxembourg, a major European zone for the administration and funds distribution.

In accordance with our proposed services in the other countries, this office objective is to implement our client’s strategy following our straightforward principles: independence, transparency and pragmatism.

The first months was devoted to an important work trying to gain notoriety and hire new consultants.

Regarding the notoriety, in one year, our team has met more than 100 actors from the financial centre and has actively participated to the Luxembourg social life through the IBF (International Bankers Forum), the ALCO (a Luxembourg Association of Compliance Officers), the ALRiM (a Luxembourg Association of Risk Management), the ATEL (a Luxembourg Association of Firm’s Treasuries) and Hiero of which Frank Roessig is a founding member, allowing our consulting firm to build its reputation locally.

Moreover, the office which is co-managed by Frank Roessig and Olivier Derly, has a team of 4 consultants, who are either former auditors or having an operational experience in the financial services sector through which they developed diversified and complementary skills.

Our main development lines focus on our clients assistance through their transformation projects related to:

  • risks, regulations and compliance;
  • financial management (ALM), management control and accounting;
  • distribution.

The first topics that we were entrusted with treat of business development issues (for example: elaborating the development strategy of a custodian bank fund management offer) and regulations impact studies (for example: defining and implementing the notion of investment advisory under MiFID).

The next months will allow us to reinforce our team by recruiting 3 to 4 new consultants and to continue to help our clients on their transformation projects. Besides, we want to highlight our desire to develop the financial services and the industry sectors, the Luxembourg team can rely on some significant skills that we have developed in the French, Belgian and Swiss offices related to industrial finance subjects (cost price,…) and cash management (cash pooling, forecast,…).

Les consultants

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Partner, Industry & Services, Paris - Luxembourg
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