Crypto-finance launch in Luxembourg

Akeance Consulting has participated, through its Country Manager Frank Roessig, to the conference organised, June 5, 2015 in Luxembourg by the think tank Hiero of which Frank is a founding member.

Hiero a.s.b.l is a Luxembourg think tank dedicated to innovations in the financial sector. It was founded, May 20, 2015 by a multidisciplinary team with competences in finance, banking, IT, law and business. It offers consultancy and research services on applying technological innovation to finance, with a current focus on crypto-finance.

What is crypto-finance?

Crypto finance is about applying cryptography and distributed trust software to the financial area, in order to increase the efficiency and resiliency of the financial system. Although the most talked-about application in this field is currently bitcoin, many other technologies are being developed.

Hiero a.s.b.l events:

The think tank is holding regular monthly meetings, which typically consist of 30 minute presentation followed by a discussion.
In order to spread the awareness of these new technologies in Luxembourg, Hiero had organised two events:
An intense one-day workshop was held, June 2, 2015 for specialists wishing to get a head start in crypto-finance with the following programme:

  • introduction to cryptography;
  • refresher on financial markets and introduction to crypto-finance technology;
  • impact of crypto finance on financial markets;
  • the Argon password hashing scheme, a technology developed in Luxembourg;
  • ecology and crypto finance;
  • bitcoin, the personal viewpoint of a programmer.

June 5, 2015, was organised a half-day conference for the financial community detailing the financial concepts and business models of crypto finance. The Tembusu Trust platform was also presented by its founder to show a concrete application of crypto finance. Below the conference programme:

  • crypto-finance basic concepts;
  • Tembusu Trust: stellar based, ripple-derived system gives banks a head-start in crypto-finance;
  • use cases;
  • crypto-finance: the personal view of a Managing Director of a Singapore bank;
  • impact on banks business model;
  • legal challenges of crypto-finance in Luxembourg;
  • why is open-source important, the IT ecosystem;
  • Q & A + Conclusion: the bottom-line question.

During this conference, Frank Roessig has spoken as a founding member of Hiero a.s.b.l and Akeance Consulting Country Manager in Luxembourg to present the new digital finance business models.

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