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Akeance Consulting Luxembourg is the office of Akeance Consulting Group in Luxembourg.

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Akeance Consulting at a glance

Akeance Consulting, an independent consulting firm, was created in 2004 with the objective to deliver consultancy in all independency. Independency from audit firms and IT companies. 

After ten years, Akeance Consulting Group is now located in four major european countries, with offices in France, in Belgium, in Luxembourg and in Switzerland. Our sectors are banks , real-estate, industry and services.

There are a number of reasons, related to our company, its people and our offer, why we believe you will find many advantages to choosing Akeance Consulting for this project.


Akeance is an independent firm. This means we aren’t subject to bias as could be the case for major auditing firms, Commissionner Auditors or investment banks. Our shareholder structure is comprised solely of partners holding an active role in the company’s day to day operations.

Our team’s combined experience has enabled us to develop and consolidate proven methods and practices such as those that have been outlined in this proposal.

Simple operational solutions. Akeance is a combination of consultants from both the industrial and service industries and the largest international auditing firms. This makes for a rigorous, methodical and pragmatic approach to every service we render, from start to finish.

Our financial structure. Akeance is rated « 4+ » by the Banque de France and « 1A1 » by Dun & Bradstreet.

Specific to our proposal

A history of advisory for the Transportation & Logistics industry

Our extensive knowledge and experience advisory for the transportation & logistics industry since 2004 and the number of our current consultants who have formerly worked in that industry.

Our proven track record with top tier clients including Geodis, SNCF, CMA/CGM, Gefco, FM Logistics, Neolog and CFT.

Our experience handling strategic studies

Akeance Advisory boasts a team of consultants specialized in strategic and operational issues who have successfully conducted many related projects such as target acquirement, market research, business plan elaboration, operational and financial auditing, post acquisition integration, etc. Akeance Consulting also houses a team of data scientists specializing in BigData manipulation and analysis.

Our method

We have a neutral approach to devising a strategy as we only consider the economic validity of the transaction. In other words, we don’t consider the actual feasibility of the transaction or search for companies facing financial difficulties as prime candidates for acquisition.
Our experience with this type of project

We recurrently conduct strategic distribution projects.

Our international points of presence

With offices in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland Akeance Consulting benefits from valuable regional insight for this project and consultants who master the languages of each one of the targeted countries (Dutch, German, Italian).

Our price

Our affordable daily rates for this type of project make for a competitive edge, while maintaining the highest level of quality throughout all our services gives you the best bang for your buck.

Our flexibility

We know how important deadlines are to our clients. That’s why we have put together a team for this project that can deliver within the required timeline.